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Our raison d'être, the meaning of Ginseng nature, is to provide Premium food supplements for better form and real well-being, while honoring a traditional and natural way of life. 

Korean Red Ginseng, Long Life Root

The consumer of Ginseng has been a cultural institution for centuries in South Korea. In the West, the recent frenzy of natural, organic and healthy foods is causing an increase in Ginseng. Consumers are discovering the unique qualities of this natural product with no other plant that can compete. 

Korean Red Ginseng, 100% pure and natural, is the most powerful ginseng in the world. It is an extraordinary dietary supplement! Antioxidant, anti-aging, it provides energy and vitality, develops physical performance and mental focus! Koreans call it Long Life Root!

The roots of the plant reach their best degree of maturity after 6 years. They contain up to 2 times more active components than younger roots. Here are some benefits: 

Strengthens the immune system
Increases energy and endurance
Fight fatigue
Promote healthy blood circulation
Improves memory 

Korean Black Garlic

Since ancient times, Garlic has always been appreciated for its therapeutic virtues. But in raw form, it digests poorly and gives the breath a most unpleasant smell, due to a powerful oxidant, Allicin. In the form of fermented Garlic, Black Garlic, Allicin will disappear to leave only a rather sweet and very pleasant taste on the palate. Thanks to a long fermentation in seawater, the healing properties of Black Garlic will be literally increased 

Black Garlic recipes are numerous. Soft, powerful and completely digestible, it provides color and fruity to your fish, meat, rice or pasta dishes. It will also pleasantly flavor fresh salads. 

Jelly Infusions

Discover their unique, sweet, bitter or tangy tastes, depending on our many flavors.
Give yourself a comforting fruity break and let yourself be tempted by the original exotic flavors of Jelly Infusions Aloe Vera, Yuzu Korean Lemon , Passion Fruit, Ginger, Pomegranate-Coconut or Grapefruit. Take advantage of their multiple benefits, here are some examples: 

Aloe Vera revives the radiance of the skin
Yuzu Lemon from Korea and its Vitamin C help reduce fatigue
Passion Fruit aids digestion and intestinal transit
Ginger helps prevent colds and reduce cough
Pomegranate-Coconut is rich in fiber and has a high content of antioxidants
Grapefruit is an ally against the signs of aging 

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