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Special Promotion Pack 3 X 50 g Korean Red Ginseng | Nature Ginseng
  • Special Promotion Pack 3 X 50 g Korean Red Ginseng | Nature Ginseng
  • Special Promotion Pack 3 X 50 g Korean Red Ginseng | Nature Ginseng
  • Special Promotion Pack 3 X 50 g Korean Red Ginseng | Nature Ginseng
  • Special Promotion Pack 3 X 50 g Korean Red Ginseng | Nature Ginseng

Special Pack 3 X 50 g Korean Red Ginseng

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SPECIAL PACK 3 Jars X 50 g of Korean Red Ginseng Extract Concentrated Superior Extra Gold, 100% pure, 6 years of age, with a dosage of 150 mg / g of saponins


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Korea's superfood: Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng has been considered the “elixir of life” for more than two thousand years in Asia, a precious and powerful gift from heaven, a symbol of longevity and prosperity. This medicinal root has long remained unknown in the West. 

Nature Ginseng's Red Ginseng from Korea respects traditional manufacturing methods, complying with the requirements of official sanitary standards, to guarantee exceptional purity and quality. 

Learn more about ginseng

Among the 11 species of ginseng of unequal quality, Korean Red Ginseng has become the ginseng that sets the standard of excellence. Korea is the perfect environment to grow a ginseng that is incredibly rich in active ingredients: ginseng saponins, also called ginsenosides, which really makes it a unique superfood.  

Saponins are molecules produced for the defense of a plant or an animal. While animal saponins can be dangerous (like snake venom), vegetable saponins are beneficial for the human body. These plant components are found in the plant's immune system and are metabolized when absorbed by the human body, as are the antioxidant molecules in fruits and vegetables.   

The structural diversity of saponins found in Korean Red Ginseng is not found in any other plant. More specifically, there are only three saponins present only in red ginseng (Rg3, Rh1 and Rh2) that strengthen immunity, memory and liver functions. Why are these components only found in Korean Red Ginseng?    

The benefits of 6-year-old ginseng

The Korean environment contributes directly to the power of the root. Korean Red Ginseng produces more than twice the saponins than American, Japanese, Siberian or Chinese ginseng. The way the fresh ginseng roots are processed gives Korean Red Ginseng an advantage over all other species. It initially developed following a process aimed at extending the shelf life of ordinary ginseng.   

It is observed that the ginseng roots thus treated surpass the original and bring much more natural benefits. The process of steaming and air drying extends the shelf life and increases the beneficial and active components of ginseng roots.  

Korean Red Ginseng takes an exceptionally long time to grow, releasing its maximum strength and its optimal amount of saponins. A root cultivated for 6 years has reached maturity and has maximized its ability to exploit the components. It will not derive any additional benefit from root growth beyond six years of age.   

Health benefits

What exactly are the benefits of Korean Red Ginseng cultivated for 6 years on daily life? Research and modern scientific studies suggest that constant consumption of Korean Red Ginseng: 
1 - Strengthens immunity Strengthens your immune system to prevent rather than cure. 
2 - Regulates energy levels Maintains the necessary energy for endurance for an effort of an extended duration. 
3 - Stimulates the metabolism Activates the body's natural heat and energy conversion. 
4 - Relaxing effect Combats stress and stabilizes mental and physical activity. 
5 - Improves blood circulation Gently releases oxygen and nutrients into the body while promoting a healthy biorhythm.
6 - Keeps skin radiant Powerful anti-aging, it promotes healthy and revitalized skin. 

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