Black Garlic, a key element in the fight against cardiovascular accidents

Black Garlic, a key element in the fight against cardiovascular accidents

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Cardiovascular accidents are the leading cause of death in France

It should be noted in countries where Black Garlic is widely consumed, namely in Japan and South Korea, cardiovascular disease remains an exception.

The three main causes of cardiovascular accidents will be eliminated thanks to Black Garlic
- Hypercholesterolemia
- High blood pressure
- Hyperglycemia 

• Black Garlic, by eliminating LDL, a factor in the thickening of the blood, will allow the latter to regain perfect fluidity. 

• Black Garlic will prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques (made up of coagulated cholesterol, blood and limescale) and will dissolve existing plaques in people with atherosclerosis. 

Black Garlic also proves to be a slimming factor, balancing the metabolism. The body will no longer store fats and sugars, allowing weight loss, without too much effort or precautions  

Black Garlic, a key element in the fight against venous insufficiency

Poor blood circulation will cause venous insufficiency. The function of the veins is to bring the blood back up to the heart thanks to the contractions and a system of valves which prevent the blood from flowing back. In almost half of the population, these valves are deficient, which causes blood to stagnate in the veins of the legs, leading to several complications. This is how edema will appear when the water in the blood comes out of the vein and spreads to the surrounding tissue. On the other hand, the constituent cells of the venous walls will secrete inflammatory substances, causing varicose veins or ulcers. 

Black Garlic will strengthen the walls of the venous system, purify and thin the blood and act as a powerful anti-inflammatory, without negative side effects.

Publication: GREENGATE RESEARCH - Switzerland


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