What Makes Korean Red Ginseng So Powerful?

What Makes Korean Red Ginseng So Powerful?

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The scientifically proven characteristics of ginseng 

The Red Ginseng of Korea is known for its beneficial properties to the point that its scientific name is Panax ginseng CA Meyer, panax being the Latin for "a cure". It has a variety of positive effects confirmed by modern scientific research.    

But not all ginseng are created equal. If there are many species and types of ginseng, only the benefits of Korean ginseng cultivated for 6 years, until its full maturity, have been scientifically proven and confirmed by the Korean FDA (Food and Drug Administration):  

Increases energy and bodily endurance
Develops fatigue resistance
Strengthens the immune system
Promotes blood circulation
Improves memory  


Each year new research is carried out on ginseng so that this superfood from South Korea reveals more of its secrets. 

Korean ginseng is not a medicine, it does not cause any healing. It is a food supplement which has always occupied the first place of the traditional plants recommended in herbalists. The 10th International Ginseng Symposium was held in 2010 and brought together approximately 1,500 academics and researchers from the United States, Europe and Asia. Over 300 articles have been published with their results supporting the effectiveness of ginseng.  


Historical uses of Korean Red Ginseng 

The Korean FDA has confirmed that there are seven major positive effects of ginseng as described in traditional Asian medical publications. Since ancient times, long before clinical trials, many Korean and Chinese medical publications have referred to and prescribed Korean ginseng to stimulate bodily functions under certain conditions. In China, the historically referenced positive effects of ginseng are classified as " the main seven benefits of ginseng " described below:     

Stimulate endurance
Ginseng relieves stress by stimulating both mental vitality and physical energy while providing bodily calm. It improves the body's defenses when individuals are tired or lack energy.  

Improve metabolism and cardiovascular system
Ginseng would help improve specific metabolic functions, body growth and body regeneration by increasing oxygenation and helping to regulate blood circulation.

Calming the nerves
Unlike plants that contain caffeine, ginseng is caffeine free and does not cause stress. It is believed to support the adrenal system and is known to strengthen mental agility while soothing the body. By helping to reduce stress and anxiety, physical well-being and mental health are improved.   

Support healthy lung functions
Ginseng would decrease coughing by improving respiratory functions and strengthening the lungs with good oxygenation. 

Regulate the spleen and stomach
Ginseng can improve appetite and help intestinal regulation by the proper functioning of the stomach and digestive tract. Ginseng has always been considered beneficial for some diabetics (under the supervision of a doctor if drugs are prescribed for this condition). 

Ginseng would help the body to process and naturally eliminate toxins by stimulating the intestinal immune system.

Aging well
Korean ginseng helps to maintain beautiful, healthy skin and to age in good health. It is used in many beauty products. 

What Makes Korean Red Ginseng So Powerful? 

The Red Ginseng of Korea is rich in saponins plant, specifically called ginsenosides, which help the plant to survive in harsh environments. Ginseng saponins have been shown clinically to have a powerful adaptogenic effect, rebalancing and helping to combat stress at the cellular level. Although ginseng is not a drug, dozens of research articles indicate that Korean Red Ginseng and its components help the body resist harmful viruses. This confirms the claim that Korean ginseng helps boost the immune system and why it has been used as a traditional food supplement for 2000 years.        

In fact, the Red Ginseng of Korea is the herb most famous of the Eastern tradition and has been used with confidence in Asia for centuries. Western explorers brought the plant back to Europe.    

Ginseng is a plant known to be used as a food providing energy to workers, athletes and those who want a healthy lifestyle with natural food. Containing over 30 varieties of saponins and ginsenosides, Korean Red Ginseng is widely regarded as the most powerful form of ginseng in the world, but is incredibly difficult to grow, making it a valuable plant.    

Benefits of the main active components of Korean Red Ginseng

Functions of saponin ginsenosides present in Korean Red Ginseng 
Ro : Alcohol detoxification, immune system, anti-inflammatory 
Rb1 : Control of the central nerve, protection of the liver, antioxidant processes 
Rc : Facilitation of the synthesis of sedatives, proteins and lipids 
Re : Blood regulation, antioxidant 
Rf : Protection of neurons 
Rg1 : Support cognition, anti-fatigue, anti-stress, immune system, liver protection 
Rh1 : Protection of the liver, immune system 
Rh2 : Immune system 

Functions of non-saponin ginsenosides present in Korean Red Ginseng
Polyacetylene : Immune system, prevention of thrombosis, inhibition of lipid peroxidation 
Phenolic compounds : Antioxidant, anti-aging processes 
Acid polysaccharides : Anti-aging, reduction of the side effects of certain drugs, immune system, prevention of hyperlipidemia. 


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